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Podcast Hello Expat Talks

Hello Expat Talks is about inspiring stories of entrepreneurial expats and companies that focus on the community of Expats here in The Netherlands.
The podcast is done alternately in English and Dutch, because we believe that both languages are equally important if you live in The Netherlands and especially if you want to start your own business.

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#3 episode of Podcast ‘Hello Expat Talks’ with Gerda Wiegers – Owner of Pracht Internationals!
Interesting topics!
– In this podcast we look at internationals who want to buy a house in The Netherlands and what the role of an expat broker can be.
– Relocaters who work together with an Expat Broker.
– The importance to optimize marketing tools like social media, podcasts and webinars to inform clients.

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#2 Podcast with Gerda Wiegers – owner of 4 Pracht Labels (In Dutch)
– Story of Gerda Wiegers & 4 Pracht Labels.
– Entrepreneur in the housing market is top sport!
– Why Pracht Internationals?
– The impact of Social Media

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#1 Podcast ‘Hello Expat Talks’ with Colette Kroese!
Colette is the proud owner of Practical Dutch Community from The Hague. She is gonna tell all about her unique (business)point of view & about 5 steps methods. How she’s helping her clients and give you practical tips! The Podcast is in English.

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